Stage location


Dörtendorf - Stage place with mountain arrival
Our small community Dörtendorf, a district of the town of Zeulenroda-Triebes, is looking forward to welcoming the women’s cycling elite for the first time as a stage location.

Dörtendorf with its 200 inhabitants is located in the heart of the Vogtland.

Coin finds suggest that there was already a settlement around 1200. The first documentary mention was in the document book of the bailiffs of Weida (June 2, 1293): Heinrich the Younger, bailiff of Weida, gives the pastor Rupert von Triptis and after his death the Weida nunnery an annual interest in Dörtendorf (Doberenndorf). In the period from 1293 to 1946 alone, the spelling of the place name was changed 29 times. Dörtendorf (first spelled in 1515) is a German place name after a Slavic settler. The place is known for the undertakings of the farmer general Georg Kresse from Dörtendorf to protect the population during the Thirty Years’ War in East Thuringia.

“Who gave the farmers protection and courage?
her son, her general
Soldier blood for peasant blood!
Cress called loudly into the valley. ”
(From the writing of the schoolmaster zu Döhlen, Johann Thalmann, Anno 1641)

A novel entitled “Avengers, Rescuers and Rapiers” was written about this symbolic figure of our region, which was filmed by DEFA and broadcast on GDR television in 1982. Today, “Georg Kresse” is intended as a tourist advertising medium to invite visitors from near and far to the Thuringian Vogtland.

On the edge of our village is the Weidatalsperre, which has been supplying part of Eastern Thuringia with drinking water for many years, which was treated in the Dörtendorf waterworks that still existed at the time.
There are many hiking trails around the idyllic dam. On these routes you can enjoy the beautiful nature in peace.

We Dörtendorfer have a small advantage. Many years ago, nature put a beautiful mountain on our doorstep. The women’s cycle race of the Tour of Thuringia/Lotto Thuringia Ladies Tour has been rolling over this mountain for 32 years.
Unfortunately, it shouldn’t be the case in the year of the 30th anniversary of the tour, as the town of Zeulenroda-Triebes is not available as a stage location for the bike race.
So Dörtendorf, above all the “Männerchor Dörtendorf 1901 e.V.”, applied as a stage of the tour, starting and finishing on Dörtendorfer Berg (known in professional circles as Hanka-Berg).
Some sponsors agreed to support the male choir and Dörtendorf was confirmed as a stage location for the 30th International Lotto Thuringia Ladies Tour. Since then, the stage location is part of the stage planning.

 Dörtendorf liegt etwa 2 km nördlich von Triebes. Man erreicht es von Triebes aus kommend in Richtung Staitz auf der Landesstraße 2032.

1999 wurde Dörtendorf von Triebes eingemeindet. Seit der Fusion von Zeulenroda und Triebes im Jahr 2006 ist Dörtendorf ein Ortsteil von Zeulenroda-Triebes.