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A place to discover

… is Gera’s motto. The city, which was mentioned in 995 for the first time, today is Thüringen’s third largest city. The administrative centre of eastern Thüringen is located in softly undulating hills, on the banks of the Weiße Elster River. Part of Gera’s cityscape is Thüringen’s largest forest area inside a city’s boundaries, the Stadtwald west of the city centre. The former capital and residence of the Princely State of Reuss celebrated 777 years of incorporation with town privileges in 2014.

Gera is not only renowned among the fans and enthusiasts of painter and designer Otto Dix (1891 – 1969), but also among all those who enjoy a good place to live. For all its more than 1,000-years-long history, Gera makes a statement by its youthful atmosphere. Its reputation is one of a city of art and culture, a place with room for parks and for sport. The competent federal ministry in charge of family policies even awarded Gera the title of the “most children-friendly city of Germany”.

Gera, a place with its very own, open attitude, boasts lots of sights to see, which can be discovered along a leisurely stroll. Gera’s “green lung” breathes just minutes away from the city centre, for instance within walking distance on the banks of the Weiße Elster, in the 300,000-square-metre Hofwiesenpark. It is not only a place for walking and picnicking, but also for children to climb or swing, for jogging and mini-golfing or boule, a new addition to the activities in the area.

Again, just a stone’s throw away is the Hofwiesenbad pool for sport and leisure, featuring a wellness area. Part of the Stadtwald forest, the Martinsgrund, holds the city zoo. This large forest-zoo is worth a visit whatever the time of year. Not only for its about 80 species and 500 animals in total, but also for its zoo railway, a ride to enjoy for visitors from close by and abroad.