16th January 2017

Thüringen Rundfahrt renamed to Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour

press release – 3/2017

Internationale Thüringen Rundfahrt der Frauen has a new name and is from now on called LOTTO Thüringen Ladies Tour.

Thüringer Sportmarketing GmbH seals a treaty with their new main sponsor and name giver LOTTO Thüringen.

Erfurt, 16th January 2017 (TRF)

Lotto Thüringen is aiming to extend their social engagement further and sets an example already at the beginning of the year.

LOTTO Thüringen will intensify their cooperation and will appear as main sponsor in Germany’s most important tour in 2017. This becomes also obvious as they now give the tour a new name. The seven day stage race is in it’s 30th Edition and will be taking place under the name LOTTO Thüringen Ladies Tour from the 12th to 18th July 2017.

The contract was signed during a press conference in Erfurt and was also attended by Thuringia’s minister of finance Heike Taubert.

In a statement, Taubert emphasized the importance of this tour:

“This is an important day for both, cycling in general and also for the numerous fans in Thuringia. The Lotto Thüringen Ladies Tour is the only professional stage race in Germany and one of the biggest ones in Europe at present, having its 30th Edition in 2017. It is an exceptional flagship of the free state Thuringia and not only is of significance for sports but also in an touristic and economical way. More than one hundred volunteers guarantee the success of the tour year after year.”

Taubert adds that the story of the tour was quite exciting and changeful.

It took place as a comparison of countries between the GDR and the CSSR in its first edition in 1986. At that time, Susanne Schur, daughter of the cycling legend Täve Schur also took part in the four day stage race in the area of Zeulenroda. In 1989, it was held under the name DDR-Rundfahrt (GDR-Tour) with a prologue and five stages in and around Zeulenroda and Greiz.

The 5th edition of the DDR-Rundfahrt in 1990 was planned as a seven day stage race by the organizers. Due to the political changes and a lack of structures at that time, the tour had to be cancelled in the year 1990 and 1991. The tour was initially held under the name Internationale Thüringen Rundfahrt der Frauen in 1992, when the riders had to to a prologue and five stages.

The so called TRF Sportmarketing GmbH is the successor of the Thüringer Radsport Verband e.V. and organizes the tour since 2010. Vera Hohlfeld, chief executive of the tour and fourth at the Olympics in Atlanta took successfully part twelve times during her career.

The minister of finance of Thuringia said that she was happy about the signing with LOTTO Thüringen and the associated planning certainty for one of the biggest and most famous road races for women in Europe.

Another highlight followed immediately when Theresa Senff, winner of the Thüringen Rundfahrt in 2005, presented the new LOTTO Thüringen leader jersey. In this respect, Taubert gave thanks to Stefan Kaufmann, who is the president of the higher regional court and also Senff’s boss, for giving her the day off for this special occasion.