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Schmölln is not only attractive and worth seeing because of its picturesque surroundings, but also and especially because of the diverse gems of German cultural and technological history.
If the guest comes to the city center, he will immediately notice the generously designed market area. This central square with the town church, town hall, lovingly restored town houses and the beautiful church corner directly at the eastern end of the market give a good idea of the medieval origins of this ensemble. The Schmöllner market area is one of the largest in Central Germany and is a listed building.

After the municipal reform in 2018, the town of Schmölln covers an area of around 95 square kilometers and extends in the north to the border with Saxony-Anhalt. In addition to the core city, urban and rural life is spread over a total of 44 districts.


Not only traditional commercial and craft businesses in the city, but also companies located in the three commercial and industrial areas around Schmölln offer work to around 5,700 people today. They are an eloquent expression of the healthy, future-oriented development that has taken place in the town of Schmölln since 1990.


Companies with a modern, market-oriented and innovative production profile have settled in the industrial areas of Crimmitschauer Straße, Ronneburger Straße and Nitzschka. In and around Schmölln, economic potential has developed in the metalworking and processing sectors, plastics technology, plastics processing, the automotive supplier industry, but also food production. Well-known and popular Thuringian sausage products are produced in Schmölln, service companies offer the best service and there is also the button industry so typical of Schmölln. Using the latest technology, the "Schmöllner button factory" brings more than 100,000 buttons to the market every day, mostly polyester buttons, but also some made from corozo.

The Tatami leisure pool with outdoor pool, the city park with its tranquil resting places or the interestingly designed bridge square invite you to relax and take a break. Young and old come together in the idyllic community and clubhouse on the edge of the Lohsen forest, in the youth club or in the climbing hall.

worth seeing


Ernst Agnes Tower

The old town of Schmölln, the city park, the beautiful Sprottetal and the surrounding villages: All this is at your feet when you climb the steps to the open viewing platform of the Ernst Agnes Tower. The tower reaches a height of 30 m and is considered a technical monument. In bright weather you can see the Leipzig Monument to the Battle of the Nations and the Ore Mountains! 

On the highest elevation of the Pfefferberg, the 30 meter high iron observation tower was designed and built by the Schmöllner machine factory Paul Sylbe for 6000 marks. 

The inauguration of the tower took place on April 28, 1893 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the wedding anniversary of the then reigning  Saxony-Altenburg ducal couple Ernst I and Agnes von Anhalt-Dessau, which is why it was given the name "Ernst-Agnes- Tower" received. After World War II, local craftsmen reconstructed the tower, which is now considered a technical monument.


City Church of Saint Nikolai

Admire one of the most striking buildings in the town of Schmölln: the town church of Sankt Nikolai, built in the 15th century. It is a meeting place, breathes history, connects people and invites you to stop off on your way through life. It is indispensable for both the church and the community.

In the night from October 19th to 20th, 1772 there was a great fire in the town, which also claimed the church. It burned down to the enclosing walls. 

The organ was built in 1917 by the Dresden company Jehmlich. The well-preserved church archive contains treasures of musical literature and mediaeval writings and measurements.

Since 2016, the church facade has been completely renovated. The refurbishment began shortly before Christmas 2016 with the first surface (model axis) of the exterior facade. The south facade followed in 2018, and finally the renovation of the north facade in 2019. The church construction association "St. Nicolai" Schmölln e. V

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